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IMPORTANT: If You’re an *Experienced Speaker, Trainer or Educator who Want to Boost Your Profits By 300% in Less Than 3 Months Without Additional Effort, Resources Or Money, This Message Will Give You Your EXACT Solution…

*Definition: You need to have experienced selling in previews or multi-speaker events with an average sales conversion rate of at least 15%.

“Partner with Asia’s Leading Seminar Organiser to Achieve an EXTRA 6 to 7 Figure Profits Annually… and still be Able to Focus on Your Core Business and Enjoy Life To the FULLEST!”

Take The Next 5 Minutes To Read This, Especially If You Want More Exposure In The Market, Get Hot Red Laser Targeted Prospects In Your Previews and Close MORE SALES To Your Upcoming Workshop. And If You Think We’re “Just Another Seminar Organiser”, Think Again! Our Proven ‘What’s Working Now’ Seminar System In Place Are WAY MORE Profitable, Organised and Supportive… Find Out More Below!

Have you realised that in today’s seminar market, prospects are bombarded with FREE Seminar Advertisement on the Internet. Especially when you are scrolling on your Facebook post during your free time, you will see new and world renowned speakers are promoting their upcoming event for FREE?

Every time when you are scrolling your Facebook newsfeed, you keep seeing the same seminar advertisement over and over again… boring isn’t it?

Just FACE it… It’s the trend right now… Prospects are immune to the FREE Seminar advertisement on the Internet. UNLESS… Your advertisement can STAND OUT from the rest.

Perhaps you might already face low or even no turn up attendees in your expensive rented seminar room which you have booked in the CBD area, having the thoughts that it will increase your turn up rate as many claims that the venue is highly accessible by your prospects…

Time to CHANGE your way of doing seminar now before your bank account bleeds to death before you get your first paid student in your upcoming workshop.

Before we proceed to solve your mind boggling seminar issues, let us introduce ourself. We are ACE Success Academy, the event arm under Digimatic Media Pte Ltd. Our company is equipped with advanced ‘What’s Working Now’ resources and highly qualified talents to market and support your program.

Our current speakers are happy to partner with us because we make it hassle free for them to sell and conduct their program.

Partner’s Testimonial

“Allows Me To Be Able To Free Up My Focus and My Time On Training People”

~ Ewen Chia
Internet Wealth Expert
Author of #1 International Bestseller book – How I Made My First Million On The Internet

Partner’s Testimonial

“Reach To A Lot More People And Help Me Fill Up The Rooms For My Seminars”

~ Dominic Tay
Passive Income Coach

Partner’s Testimonial

“Within these 2 years, we can see really good results and we see more profits coming and more students.”

~ Dr Bernard Yeo
Numerology Wealth Expert

Why speakers are happy working with us is because of Our Proven Proprietary ACE Success Academy ‘What’s Working Now’ Seminar System.

This system is speaker’s dream come true one-stop solution where the speaker can just turn up to the preview to sell and turn up again in the workshop to deliver your program.

Leave those time consuming, unproductive tasks to ACE Success Academy. We understand that speaker’s most valuable asset is time. When you speak, you make money, if you don’t speak, you don’t make money. Therefore, Time is Money.

If you want to earn more money, you need to spend more time on speaking… this might eat into your precious time where you will not have enough time to spend time to build your core business and also spend time with your love ones and do things that you enjoy.

What if you are also organising the whole event from scratch by yourself? You might highly face these potential issues:

  • Advertising the previews includes creating website that pre-sell you before preview and advertise on advertising platform which you have no ideas which platform works best to you. Moreover, you need to read all the marketing statistic to optimise the campaigns to keep the advertising cost low.
  • Finding the right venues to make sure that the preview attendees have a conducive place listening to your pitch.
  • Training the Preview’s sales staff to support you during previews to help you close more sales.
  • Hiring part-timers to do reminder calls to increase the turn up of the previews.
  • Follow up the sales during and after the previews.
  • Dealing with refunds of the students even before attending workshop. How about after attending workshop? No matter how good your program is, there are just some customers will find ways to refund.
  • Having no credit card machine with instalment plans which you can lose so much sales as you are selling high ticket program. Ouch!

Partnering with ACE Success Academy, our ‘What’s Working Now’ Seminar System will help you solve these issues.

With our tested and proven system and resources, you can Attract Red-Hot Laser Targeted High Paying Audience in your previews, Become A Famous and Respected Authority in Your Market, and Get More Students In Your Upcoming Workshop.

You will have MORE TIME to live the life you want without the hassle of doing all the unproductive tasks. Leave these unproductive tasks all to us.

Partner’s Testimonial

“Able To Help Me To Bring Is Sales Of About $200,000 to $300,000 Just In A Short Span Of 6 Weeks!”

~ Jerome Tan
Property Investing Expert

So what is the difference between us and other seminar organiser in the market?

We are ROI Focus.

We are also known as the ROI Seminar Organiser, not just any seminar organiser in the market.

Most importantly, we FOCUS on YOU! We CARE for YOU!

Look at the events that we have organised.

We are experienced in organising Mega Events

Bazi Wealth Convention

The Crowd That We Packed Are Qualified Buyers!

Bazi Wealth Convention

We are experienced in organising Multiple Previews Running CONCURRENTLY in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Penang

ACE Weekly Previews

ACE Weekly Previews

ACE Weekly Previews

We are experienced in filling up Students For Your FULL HOUSE Workshop!

CPM Workshops

5SSA Workshop

Imagining having a FULL-HOUSE workshop packed with High Paying Students, and you are able to do another up-sell to your advance program or services that will benefits them. This will increase your profits without additional marketing dollars putting in.

Partner’s Testimonial

“Our Revenue Shoot Up Close To 500%”

~ Master Kevin Foong
Fengshui & Bazi Wealth Expert

This Partnership Session Is Not For Any Speakers/Trainers

Before you contact us, take note of these criterias:

  • You need to have experienced selling in previews or multi-speaker events with an average sales conversion rate of at least 15%.
  • Conducted at least 1 workshop of yourself with good students feedbacks and testimonials.
  • Your program need to be legal, ethical and professional.
  • Having personal real result to show us upon meet up.

As we are real human running the seminar, running a seminar requires extensive manpower and well trained team members to organise and market the events and not affecting our current partner’s programs.

Accepting new partnership is very limited.

Only contact us if you have met the criterias as stated above, 100% committed to improve lives through your program and willing to accept new changes during partnership.

If you are ready, contact us at: